King of the Mangoes

Scanning through my photos in September 2018 just made me come across a special photo which made me pause for a few minutes. Being a fanatic of anything mango since day 1, and being in a country which I really learn to call my own but where mango is not at all harvested, this photo just screams I AM CRAVING!!!

Mangoes are really abundant in the Philippine province of Cebu, which I came from. From ripe, yellow raw mangoes, mango shake, mango juice, mango ice cream, dried mangoes, mango lip balm (aside from having very chapped lips, I love the scent of one on my lips) mango perfume and all other mango products that I have bought and kept in my life, I just simply cannot resist the smell and taste of this favorite fruit of mine.

This photo was taken by my best friends while we lived together in Malta. Along the main street of the capital city of Valletta, we frequently spend our Saturday evenings sitting on the terrace and indulging with desserts to reclaim our sweet teeth after dinner. Those were incredible moments, just living life and unwinding after a week’s worth of hard work. I can’t actually wait for the shops to be opened and finally order a pint of mango ice cream either from Häagen-Dazs, Amorino or from a reputable local brand.

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thegeographersdiaries science enthusiast since I was 5 years old My travel experiences have been motivated by my desire to satisfy my childhood self's deepest desire and affinity to geography, world history, cultures and languages. This blog is not your regular travel blog - not at all fueled by profit; but rather, that my adventures would resonate to many of the 7 billion people in this planet... to meet people with similar hobbies, to exchange stories and ideas with faraway friends, to travel in behalf of others or with people who couldn't physically do it themselves, and hopefully, to inspire people to achieve their dreams.

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