3 Years in a Time Capsule

It’s like being back in your hometown after so many years. You know those scenes in a movie wherein the main actor/actress revisits a place in their childhood, slowly moving around the area, carefully glancing through as if to find some object bringing back a distant memory, finally holding a piece of item (i.e. generally a book or a picture frame), slowly dusting off the item so as not to scatter the small particles that settled after all those years? That is how I’m feeling write now while I write this short piece of article – except that there’s no small particles to slowly dust off.

It’s been about 2 years and 7 months since my last post in this blog. If you have gotten this far and even used to subscribe to it, you might have wondered what has happened to me these past few years. Did I get a writer’s block? I wouldn’t even tough that subject ‘coz I am too proud to admit that I had one. haha. Did I stop traveling around the world and had a drastic change in my life? Hmm… No and Yes. These past few years, I still continued traveling around and I even have more places to recount experiences from and should write some few articles about them. But yes, just like most of you who tries to make it out better in life, I also underwent a drastic change in the life. More importantly to share is that I have now moved into the Netherlands, including living a year within Amsterdam (that’s for another blog entry for me to give more details).

But for now, without further excuses, it just feels good to be back here, unearth some older blog entries which somehow made me smile and get inspired to write once again, to share a little bit of my life to like-minded people, and of course, to share the beauty of the World through my lens, the Geographer’s lens.

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...social science enthusiast since I was 5 years old My travel experiences have been motivated by my desire to satisfy my childhood self's deepest desire and affinity to geography, world history, cultures and languages. This blog is not your regular travel blog - not at all fueled by profit; but rather, that my adventures would resonate to many of the 7 billion people in this planet... to meet people with similar hobbies, to exchange stories and ideas with faraway friends, to travel in behalf of others or with people who couldn't physically do it themselves, and hopefully, to inspire people to achieve their dreams.

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